Cool, calm and collected…

Summertime is all-year fun time here in Hawaii. We have cool days (temperature’s in the low 70s), we have absolutely perfect days and we have super hot days. For those hard-to-live-without air conditioning hot days and anything in-between, we have the solution. Treat yourself and your family to an environmentally friendly, energy efficient air conditioning system.

Choose from Split Systems that both cool and heat your home where each room can be controlled separately. Don’t need the air conditioning running in the bedrooms while your in the living room or kitchen? Just keep it off! Or maybe a Central System controlled by one thermostat is perfect for your needs. We have other options for cooling and heating too. With so many great choices we are sure there will be one to fit your special needs.

Remember air conditioning dries out areas where mold can grow and it can help to reduce environmental pollution such as VOG. Call today for a Free Estimate!*

*In our territory only