Do you feel something magical when you watch a fire burning in the fireplace and see the smoke wind its way up into the chimney? Feeling joy watching the fire is wonderful but there is responsibility with owning a fireplace. Owners need to be aware that keeping the chimney clean and the flue in good order can be instrumental in preventing a house fire. Hawaii Fireplaces can clean your chimney and check the flue to make sure the chimney is safe to use.

Sadly there are families who lose their lives due to house fires caused by a cracked or broken flue or dirty chimney. It is a dreadful and unnecessary loss of life that could have been prevented simply by not using a dirty or damaged chimney. For this reason we recommend having your chimney cleaned and checked on an annual basis.

What is involved in chimney sweeping?

Chimney sweeping takes a specially built chimney sweep brush to sweep the inside of your chimney from the very top down to the bottom. This will then dislodge the materials that have built up on the insides of the chimney.

When your fireplace is lit and a fire is burning, by-products are released into the smoke creating layer upon layer of black soot on the inside of your chimney. This soot material is carbon based and is essentially the same product that people buy in brick form to burn on their barbeques. It is extremely flammable and therefore dangerous to leave in place. It must be regularly cleaned out to prevent it from catching fire and burning your home down.